Letters From Liberty

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My father's death drove me into a dire search for meaning and purpose. A search that led me to global adventures. That's how "Letters From Liberty" was born. Here are stories I've found in my search. Because of the support from my newsroom, some of these pieces have aired on NBC 7 San Diego. This has become my process of healing--A way for me to contribute some good in this world. If these stories help even one person then I have accomplished what I've set out to do. 

Love, Liberty

San Diegans Caught In Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

I met some intriguing people during my trip to #Israel & the #WestBankduring #Christmas.
I had this trip booked long before President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel—which has heightened tensions in the region. 
But once I was there, I found a story about two fascinating San Diegans on opposite sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Both gave up their lives in San Diego for one in the midst of a decades-long conflict.
Here is my piece on why Lenna Odeh left#LaJolla for Ramallah (Palestinian Territory) & why Jeremy Danzig left #Encinitas for Tel Aviv (Israel).

A Second Chance For Belize' Lost Kids

In 2016, I volunteered at the Liberty Children's Home, a non-governmental organization in Central America that cares for children, with heartbreaking pasts, near one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the world: Belize City. 

Marine Veteran Finds His Calling

Near the jungle in Belize, I met a U.S. Marine Corps veteran from Camp Pendleton. He has become one of the most famous poisonous snake charmers in Belize but his snakes have tried to kill him many times. 

On Top of the World: Journey to Altun Ha

This was my first time taking a trip outside of the country by myself. I befriended a Ladyville village grocer and took a trip to the Mayan ruins: Altun Ha. I found the most breathtaking views and I want to share it with you.

Parasailing in San Pedro

My trip to the island of San Pedro took me 350 feet above the Caribbean Sea.