Filipinos: The Probationary Americans

By: Laurencio De Venecia Zabala Jr.


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Though Filipino-Americans are the fastest growing Asian group and oldest Asian-American community in the U.S., many Americans know next to nothing about the Filipino-American history and experience. 

To address this gap in knowledge, journalist and former Philippine diplomat, Larry V. Zabala, Jr., surveys the essential, but unwritten role Filipinos have played in the making of America. 

From 16th century Filipino crewmen who traversed the Pacific Ocean aboard Spanish galleon ships to the New World, to Filipino settlers who established shrimp drying industries in the Louisiana bayous, to Filipino farm laborers in Hawaii and America‚Äôs west coast who championed the cause of labor rights, to Filipino WWII veterans who served proudly and fought for their due benefits, this book traces the story of Filipinos and their quest for legitimacy and a rightful place within the story of America. And like other immigrant groups, Filipinos have been subjected to nativist discriminatory practices. However, despite these obstacles, the onus is on the fragmented Filipino-American community to unite in order to improve their politico-socio-economic advancement and realize the American dream of a better life.